payment methods

Bank account transfer

In order for your order to be placed via bank account, you must proceed with the deposit of the full amount at NŌBU JEWELS  in the following account: As soon as you complete your deposit, you must send a copy of the proof of payment via email at: [email protected] , where it is mandatory to indicate on the message accompanying the transfer your full name, as well as your order code which is automatically sent via email after each successful order.

Your order is executed one day after your proof of payment is sent & the transaction is verified.

Orders that are not paid within five (5) working days are considered invalid, an automated release of the respective products follows & NŌBU JEWELS  is not in any way bound.

Alpha Bank:

IBAΝ: GR4901407000700002002034367


Cash on delivery.

The payment is made upon the receipt of the order at your place.

Credit / Debit card.

We recommend the use of your credit card, provided that you have a MasterCard, VISA, Maestro or American Express, as a first choice for completing your online order. Your credit card details are neither registered nor collected by The credit card clearing is performed ONLY at the secure environment of Alpha Bank. You will have to fill in all of your credit card details so that the order request can be placed.

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